Whenever we begin working on a project, whether it's an individual home or multiple properties, we keep community at our heart. This is how our homes come with a social conscience; by interacting and responding to existing residents as well as future home owners and providing opportunities for the current community to get involved with the development of their area.



When we started working in East Manchester, we felt that the streets themselves needed some life - a reason for people to get out in the morning and care for their local area, so we gave every house a hanging basket! Not only did these add some lovely colours, it gave us the opportunity to meet the local residents and discuss our plans for the area face to face.


Redeveloping 12 homes in Windsor Road in 2016 was our biggest project to date, and we wanted to make sure the community felt comfortable with our plans and that they were involved in the future of their area. We held a Maker Day for them, inviting them to join us for a day of making metal spoons and ceramic bowls, learning not only new skills but about each other.